Review of domestic nitric acid Market in October a

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Review of domestic nitric acid Market in October and market outlook in November

around September 20, after the domestic nitric acid price increased slightly, the units reduced in the early stage due to cost reasons have been at full power and produced at full capacity, such as the new and old 100000 t/a units of Shandong united, the new and old units of Huayang deer, the 150000 T/a unit of Lanzhou Petrochemical, the new and old units of Xinxiang, Huixian County, Henan Province, etc. From late September to early October, the number of units increased only by increasing the start-up load reached about 400000 T/a across the country. The development of the extruder industry still has a large market space, equivalent to a monthly increase of more than 30000 tons of production capacity. Except for the part of nitric acid required by the aniline unit started by Lanzhou Petrochemical in October, the new commodity volume on the market reached about 25000 t per month. Therefore, although in October, the downstream of nitric acid, adjacent nitric acid, MDI, TD mold interior decoration (IMD) technology are increasingly used to replace coating operation I and other industries, with hot profits, high production enthusiasm, and strong demand for concentrated nitric acid, the strong demand momentum of the whole domestic concentrated nitric acid market is still moderate compared with September, and the price only rises slightly in East China, and the mainstream ex factory price is increased from 1350 yuan/t to 1380 ~ 1400 yuan/t

aftermarket analysis

the 100000 t/a concentrated nitric acid of PetroChina Jilin Branch stopped at the end of October, and it was clearly stated that it would not be opened again at the end of the year. This will, to a certain extent, break the current domestic relatively balanced concentrated nitric acid market pattern, form an unbalanced impact of resource reduction, and cause upward price fluctuations. It even includes polyurethane system. Moreover, according to the fluctuation law of concentrated nitric acid Market in 2006, there will be a round of upward market in concentrated nitric acid Market from November to December

it is expected that in the two months after the end of the year, the domestic concentrated nitric acid market will have a trend of rising prices and selling well

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