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Looking back on the Centennial Geneva auto show towards the electrical era (9)

[anecdotes of the auto home auto industry] in the second decade of the 21st century, as the auto industry develops towards intelligence, environmental protection and science and technology, the international market will also usher in a situation of fierce competition and rapid growth at the Geneva auto show, with more and more new energy models and intelligent technology configurations. Under the tide of the "new four modernizations", the major car companies are also actively seeking change, with the help of the stage of the Geneva auto show to describe the future automotive life to everyone

the wave of intelligence led by Apple seems to have changed our lives in an all-round way. The same is true of the automotive industry. The Geneva auto show, known as the "wind vane of International Automotive Trends", is not only the focus of major auto companies to release heavy new cars, but also we can smell some changes taking place in auto companies and even the automotive industry

● Rolls Royce pure electric vehicle to test the public response

"Rolls Royce 102ex pure electric concept car"

as the top of the automobile pyramid, Rolls Royce launched a 102ex concept car at the 2011 Geneva auto show, which is a pure electric version of the phantom model. The power system is two permanent magnet synchronous motors installed on the rear axle. The maximum power of the vehicle is 290Kw and the maximum torque is 800N · M

"flying goddess with transparent inner light"

the battery pack is nickel cobalt manganese ternary lithium battery, with a total battery capacity of 71kwh. They are arranged at the location where V12 engine and transmission were once placed. The battery pack is charged by three independent charger units with a power of 3KW, and the shortest charging time is about 8 hours. In addition, this phantom is also equipped with an inductive charger, which can realize wireless charging. This concept car was highly technical and forward-looking 10 years ago. Rolls Royce also wants to use this product to evaluate the response of customers, the media, and even the entire industry to electric Rolls Royce

● American new forces who came to Europe to grab territory

[model s interior]

in 2012, Tesla, a new force car enterprise from Yongxing special steel in the United States with a revenue of 921 million yuan, released two pure electric concept cars, model s and model x, at the Geneva auto show. Model s is positioned as a four door coupe model, and Tesla takes BMW 5 series as its competitor. The dynamic and concise body lines of model s are clearly separated from traditional fuel vehicles. In addition, the chrome plated handle can pop up automatically after touching, and the interior design is very simple. A large central screen is like the future car in science fiction movies, which, to a certain extent, subverts people's understanding of cars

"model X"

model x is a medium and large SUV, which adopts the same platform as model s, while maintaining a similar design style. The coolest thing is that it adopts the gull wing door design of super running models, which makes model x full of a sense of future. In 2013, model s became the first pure electric vehicle that ranked first in new car sales in any country or region. Tesla successfully conquered Europeans with a rich and picky car heritage

● Ferrari's new flagship in the hybrid era


positive changes are also taking place for the traditional super running brand. In 2013, Ferrari, the supreme supercar brand in the hearts of car fans all over the world, launched a flagship supercar to replace Enzo at the Geneva auto show. Different from the Enzo era, laferrari is the first model with hybrid system manufactured by Ferrari in the history. In addition to the V12 engine, it is also equipped with two motors, one for power generation and the other for power supply. A battery pack with high energy density is installed under the car body. With the blessing of the motor, combined with the extreme aerodynamic efficiency, it accelerates in less than 3 seconds at 100 kilometers, and the top speed is more than 350km/h. Laferrari is Ferrari's new flagship

● tell you the future appearance of Volvo concept car

car companies are not limited to the display of products and technology, but the forward-looking design representing the future of the brand is also a good display of brand inheritance, concept and value. At the 2014 Geneva auto show, Volvo exhibited a concept estate concept car, which is the last of the three concept cars designed by Thomas, Volvo's design director, to point out the way for Volvo's future design direction

"Volvo concept estate"

this concept car is inherited from the 1800 es model of Volvo in the 1970s. It is an elegant hunting car. In the new era, this concept car is not only based on Volvo's most advanced spa platform, but also given a new family design language. The middle grille, the hammer of Thor LED daytime running lights and the elegant flowing lines on the side have also become the typical features of today's Volvo models

● the lost and returned borgward

"borgward brand logo"

as the third largest German automaker that once accounted for more than 60% of Germany's exports, borgward announced the brand's return at the 2015 Geneva auto show after a lapse of more than 50 years. Although there was no specific product appearance, this message was maximized with the help of the stage of the Geneva auto show. Of course, it's not easy to revive the brand. It requires not only capital, talents and technology, but also a good combination of these elements to maximize their effectiveness. Good luck is also essential. Interested friends can read this article about the history of baowo

traditional automobile giants from Europe, the United States and Japan are also making use of the Geneva auto show focused by the media to launch hybrid technology models and more forward-looking and exploratory pure electric models, so as to convey and show the brand's technical strength to the public in the new era

● punch Toyota Prius' modern hybrid technology

"moving forward towards a better future for mankind, modern IONIQ hybrid version"

at the 2016 Geneva auto show, Hyundai brought IONIQ new energy models to show European consumers its energy-saving and efficient technical strength. This car has three versions: hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric. Hyundai also takes Toyota Prius as its direct competitor. This hybrid technology consists of a 1.6L engine with a thermal efficiency of 40% and an electric motor. The engine cover and other components are made of lighter aluminum, combined with a low wind drag coefficient of 0.24, which makes its fuel economy per 100 kilometers lower than that of the Prius by 0.1L. As of January 2018, Hyundai IONIQ has sold 100000 units worldwide

● Volkswagen MPV

"ZZ concept car"

in 2017, Volkswagen launched the ZZ concept car in Europe with the help of the Geneva auto show, which is an MPV model based on the Volkswagen MEB electric platform. It has a similar style with Volkswagen T Series in appearance. The dazzling LED lamp group, hidden door handle, electronic rear-view mirror and many other details still make the whole vehicle full of a strong sense of future

"id.b we have taken important measures to reduce the carbon footprint of the uzz concept car"

this pure electric vehicle is equipped with a dual motor system, with a maximum power of 369 horsepower, a battery capacity of 111kwh, and a endurance capacity of 600km. More importantly, because ZZ has the ability of self driving, the driver's position does not have the traditional steering wheel. At the same time, the front seats can rotate 180 ° backward to form a meeting space with the rear. Although Volkswagen has not announced the level of autonomous driving it can achieve, through such a product, Volkswagen has described to us the concept of realizing shared travel and transportation with autonomous vehicles in the future

● EV future described by Honda

at the 2018 Geneva auto show, Honda launched the sports EV concept car in Europe. It comes from Honda's new electric vehicle platform and aims to show Honda's design direction and technical development trend in the field of electric vehicles. Inspired by Honda S600, this car adopts a two seater design, and the relatively compact body naturally brings more driving pleasure

"sports EV"

on Sports EV, we see many new ideas and ideas. For example, in the use of energy, the electric energy of the car can be transferred freely between homes and electricity, and the owner can sell the excess electric energy to electricity to earn income. In addition, both the front and rear of the vehicle are equipped with LED display screens, which can realize the interactive communication with pedestrians or other traffic participants. The exterior rear-view mirrors located on both sides of the car body are cameras, which can well expand the field of vision on the side of the car, and the driver can obtain road information through the display screen in the car

● sniffing rose of American auto giant

"guide PHEV"

North America, as a huge and mature auto market, has its own concept of making and using cars, and full-size SUV and pickup truck models seem to be the representatives of North America. In the era of energy conservation and environmental protection, general motors, Ford and Chrysler did not dare to neglect, but also launched products with better fuel economy. At the 2019 Geneva auto show, Chrysler brought two plug-in hybrid models, guide PHEV and freedom PHEV. It is also the only auto company among the three major American auto companies to participate in the exhibition


this plug-in hybrid system is composed of a 1.3t engine and a motor, which can provide the maximum power of 237 horsepower. Importantly, it has excellent fuel economy and is more in line with European emission regulations. In 2018, jeep's market share in Europe grew rapidly, breaking through 1% for the first time. As the guider of compact SUV, he has contributed a lot, which not only stems from the background of the increase of SUV market share in Europe, but also fits the concept of European consumers buying and using cars. Then in 2019, Jeep brought hybrid models for European consumers to choose from

"Audi A8 hybrid model"

at this world auto show, Audi from Germany also released a number of hybrid models, including the PHEV versions of A6, a7, a8 and Q5, with a strong lineup. These hybrid models not only retain the performance of fuel vehicles, but also greatly improve the fuel economy. They are a good and sustainable technical solution under the strict emission regulations in Europe

"online press conference of official channels in Geneva"

due to well-known reasons, the 90th Geneva auto show this year was announced to be cancelled, which was also the first suspension after World War II, which had a certain impact on manufacturers who were about to release new products and technologies, and lost a good opportunity for product display and brand marketing. In order to actively remedy the situation, the Geneva auto show also provided online press conferences through official channels for auto enterprises. Some auto enterprises chose their own channels to broadcast the press conferences. At the same time, some auto enterprises announced the complete cancellation. At this auto show, Chang'an automobile from China originally planned to launch the uni-t model worldwide, and finally adjusted to be released online


in the past two years, major car companies around the world have felt the pressure of operating performance, and maintained the good operation of enterprises through divestiture, layoffs, mergers and other ways. In fact, the relationship between the auto show and the major auto enterprises is that the lips are dead and the teeth are cold. In the past 10 years, the number of visitors to the Geneva auto show also decreased from 735000 in 2011 to 602000 last year. When enterprises are in recession, they will selectively participate in some auto shows to save money, and auto shows that can provide a good stage will naturally be favored by auto enterprises. Although Switzerland doesn't have its own car

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