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Review of cationic silk market in Shengze market in May and trend forecast in June

I. CDP (cationic) chips: the price trend in May fell all the way. The short-distance delivery of CDP chips to the buyout transaction price was 9500 yuan/ton on April 30 to 8600 yuan/ton at the end of May, with a decline of about yuan/ton. The settlement price and quotation of domestic CDP (cationic) chips have also been reduced. In terms of CDP chip supply, in the first ten days of May, the market was tight in CDP chip supply, the production and sales were balanced in the middle, the sales were blocked in the second ten days, the inventory of cationic chips was rising, and the quotation of cationic chips was reduced to 8600 yuan/ton. It is expected that the demand for CDP chips will not rise in June, and the price trend will remain weak


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Second, cationic silk: the price of cationic silk showed a downward trend in May. Coupled with the sluggish polyester market, the market sales of cationic silk were not satisfactory, but the decline of most cationic varieties was the same as that of CDP chips. From the variety trend in May, fine denier FDY silk is relatively dynamic, while coarse denier DTY silk can barely move by comparison. Other products are generally sold. For example, fdy63d and 75D sell well, which are mainly used for jacquard cationic lining, and the price has also been reduced. For example, the price of 63d has decreased from 12900 yuan/ton at the beginning of May to 12000 yuan/ton at the end of the month, with a decrease of about 900 yuan/ton. The price of POY also fell by yuan/t, while the decline of DTY was relatively small, about yuan/t. POY demand in the market was severely hindered in May, and the performance was very flat. On the whole, the sales of POY of cationic silk in May trading lacked momentum, and the sales were not very smooth

III. trend forecast: the market of cationic silk in June will be weaker than that in May, and the price of CDP chip smoke exhaust device: equipped with high-power exhaust fan, the gap between semi gloss polyester chip will be narrowed. From the perspective of variety trend, fdy63d is widely used and can still be popular in Shengze and Jiaxing. First, the production of cationic jute series with composite silk; Second, it is directly used for weaving and producing bast like cationic fabrics. It is mainly interwoven with polyester dty75d to produce jacquard bast like materials, which are mainly sold to Guangdong, Fujian and other provinces. The demand for cationic dty200d and fdy150d-300d will also have a certain amount trend in June, which is used to produce summer and autumn linen like pants. With the trend of shock correction in the polyester market, cationic silk still has a downward trend, but the downstream demand is not lower than that of the same period in previous years. The reasons are as follows: first, cationic pants are put into mass production; Second, the gram weight of some fabrics increased, and the consumption of silk above 150D increased. It is expected that the space for the overall price trend of cationic silk in June will not be greater than that in May. The first half of the month entered a weak market consolidation period, and the second half of the month, of course, depends critically on the price changes of upstream raw materials

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