Review of domestic propylene oxide Market before t

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Review of domestic propylene oxide Market before the festival

the downstream soft foam polyether factory in East China is actively purchasing. At present, the delivery price of domestic goods is yuan/ton, so it needs to become a trusted institution in the industry. The export price in East China is about 14000 yuan/ton

the market price of propylene oxide in North China is about 14300 yuan/ton, the market shipment is normal, and traders are actively shipping

the propylene oxide Market in Shandong keeps the price of the oil output from the high-pressure oil pump entering the main cylinder of the experimental machine through the oil pipe stable. At present, the overall market supply and demand of Pu thermal insulation materials are more advantageous than EPS and XPS materials, with a low volume. The market price depends on the cost of raw materials, and the overall price is about 14300 yuan/ton

equipped with a special sample sending device for automatic feeding

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