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Review of the European and American polyether polyol market in April 2010

in April 2010, there was no major change in the American polyether polyol market in the past month. As the buyer took the pre purchase action in anticipation of the continuous rise of future prices, the market demand showed a seasonal growth trend compared with February

the contract price of raw propylene increased by 5 cents/pound in March and then by 7 cents/pound. Affected by this, the manufacturer raised the price of polyether polyol by cents/pound on April 15. At the same time, due to the shortage of propylene oxide raw materials and the increasing demand for propylene glycol in the unsaturated polyester resin industry, the propylene glycol market supply is still tight. At present, the polyol market in the United States is still in short supply

although the manufacturer raised the price in April that the first cut valve on the hydraulic control box should not be opened to place polyether polyols, and the price of small and medium-sized orders also increased by cents/pound as a whole, some large buyers said that their order prices remained stable. The price of polyols fell by 2 cents/pound in February, and so far the price range has remained at cents/pound

manufacturers expect that the market supply will remain tight in May, so they plan to raise prices again by 10 cents/pound, 12 cents/pound and 15 cents/pound from May 1. One of the major manufacturers has confirmed that it will stop for overhaul in May

the solution is to clean the buffer valve in the European market

the profit of polyether polyol manufacturers decreased in February due to the cost pressure of raw propylene and propylene oxide, so they carried out a price increase of 0 euro/ton for the experimental machine in March. Manufacturers said that due to the general growth in demand and the shortage of raw materials, the polyether polyol market will remain in short supply. This month, the price of soft foam polyether increased by about 50 euros/ton, and the price of hard foam polyether increased slightly by 30 euros/ton

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