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PolyOne showed breakthrough technologies and sustainable solutions at the K 2010 exhibition, "changing customer expectations into possibilities"

focused on innovative and sustainable technologies designed to help customers optimize business efficiency and enhance competitive advantage

Cleveland, USA - November 25, 2010 - PolyOne, the world's leading provider of special polymer materials, services and solutions (NYSE: POL), A series of innovative achievements were launched at the K 2010 exhibition (October 27 to November 3) held in Duesseldorf, Germany

Bernard baert, President of PolyOne's European and international business, said, "our key word at the 2010 K exhibition is' make customer expectations possible ', which shows PolyOne's consistent commitment to improving customer operating efficiency and competitive advantage."

at the 2010 K exhibition, after all, what goes beyond the conventional configuration is that PolyOne, which needs additional money, launched many innovative solutions to help customers improve their ability to win business opportunities, launch differentiated products and improve business efficiency, including:

biopolymer material - resound 1200 - containing up to 50% of bio derived ingredients, And it has good durability

color oil solution - oncolor complete - improve business efficiency and reduce carbon footprint

it is applied to the mixture of photovoltaic industry Functional masterbatch and color masterbatch - eccoh solar - meet the regulatory requirements of solar panel components (such as battery backplane and TV wires)

nuclear power cable materials - eccoh RP - meet the stringent requirements of nuclear power plants for high-performance cables

healthcare materials - trilliant - a special product portfolio that helps manufacturers achieve specific performance for healthcare applications

halogen free thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) Material - onflex halogen-free flame retardant material - without sacrificing the appearance of the product, Meet the needs of customers for environmental protection products

halogen free polyamide material edgetek am - provide RoHS compliant high temperature resistant polyamide for electrical and electronic applications

BPA Free high-performance blend edgetek XT - provide high-performance blends based on Eastman tritan copolyester and some thermoplastic engineering plastics

baert also said: "After reinstalling the software, PolyOne can copy the documents of backup data to the new installation path for replacement. It has helped countless customers achieve sustainability goals, solve manufacturing problems, meet special material needs, and expand their business to new regions and markets. We are very honored to launch these new global products for special applications in core growth industries at this world's largest plastic event Innovative technology. "

about PolyOne

PolyOne is a world leading provider of special polymer materials, services and solutions, with a turnover of more than $2.1 billion in 2009. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, the United States, the company is an indispensable "strategic metal" in the world to improve the level of defense equipment, and has operating agencies all over the world. For more information about PolyOne, please visit

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