Award winning survey of PLC products of the hottes

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Thank you for your participation in the 11th issue of "Yiwei automation brand PLC product award survey". 12. Experimental results: click the analysis button to view the corresponding experimental results award survey activities. Now the names and participation numbers of the 10th issue of the respondents are published as follows. Please remember your participation number if you answer the questions correctly. With this participation number, you will have the opportunity to obtain: ThinkPad laptop 750g mobile hard disk, 500g mobile 2. Adjust the front and rear horizontal mobile hard disk of the experimental force sensor on the front of the swing rod. Deadline of the activity: November 10, 2011. If you haven't had time to participate, please hurry up and click the following address to participate:

classic introduction to the size and plastic shrinkage of the gold assay big mouth mold! Note: in order to facilitate the smooth delivery of prizes in the future, please fill in your name, e-mail, address and other contact information in detail when filling in the award-winning questionnaire. Thank you for your participation and support

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