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Recently, on the occasion of the 2011 National Science and technology week, Guangxi large-scale instrument collaboration and sharing carried out a service enterprise action in Guilin, signed a cooperation agreement with Guangxi rubber industry technological innovation alliance and its affiliated enterprises, and Guilin rubber enterprises and research institutions collectively joined the sharing

a large instrument can cost tens of thousands of yuan at least, hundreds of thousands of yuan or tens of millions of yuan at most. It is impossible for a unit to buy all the instruments it needs. In addition to the characteristics of PVC type flame retardant tape, we often see that some units do not have (5) tensile stress-strain curve instruments, and some units spend most of their time idle. To this end, the Guangxi science and Technology Department has led the establishment of Guangxi large-scale instrument collaboration and sharing, and set up a service center in Guilin to coordinate the use of large-scale instruments in Guilin universities, scientific research institutions and large enterprises

on the same day, we also carried out large-scale instrument cooperation and sharing knowledge training, instrument and equipment and technology promotion in the rubber industry, enterprise standard preparation training in the rubber industry and other activities, and carried out service activities for the problems and fields most concerned by the majority of enterprises with large oil output from the oil return pipe

it is reported that during the science and technology week, the trend of large-scale instrument cooperation and common structure function 1 integration and function material intelligence in Guangxi is obvious. Guilin service center also organized experts to Guilin Jiqi Pharmaceutical Group Company for technology docking and other services

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