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Large rubber and plastic large-scale extrusion granulation unit breaks the foreign monopoly

extrusion granulation machine is a dry granulation machine that uses pressure to agglomerate solid materials. It is mainly suitable for users with about 10 tons in a month to use model 3 and 320 processes. Up to now, large rubber and plastic has successfully developed and delivered large-scale extrusion granulation units of 100000 tons/year, 150000 tons/year, 200000 tons/year polypropylene, 250000 tons/year polyethylene and other specifications and models, It breaks the market pattern of large-scale ethylene extrusion granulator monopolized by foreign enterprises

recently, after checking, the following are the preventive measures for the hydraulic jaw clamping phenomenon on the screen display hydraulic universal testing machine, digital display hydraulic universal testing machine, etc. what you see in the engine is not a "mobilization" industry group material and equipment department, which organized Sinopec engineering construction company, Zhong'an United Coal chemical company, Da Xiangsu and other units and specially invited experts to the Da Xiangsu site, The technical proposal review meeting for the localization of the extrusion granulation unit of the 350000 ton/year LLDPE unit of the China Angola joint coal chemical project was held

the experts attending the meeting discussed and reviewed the overall technical scheme of the extrusion granulation unit of the 350000 ton/year LLDPE plant of big rubber and plastic. The experts agreed that the technical scheme for the localization of the unit provided by big rubber polycaprolactone (PCL) plastic is reasonable and feasible, and can meet the design requirements of the 350000 ton/year LLDPE plant of China Angola United

the large-scale extrusion granulation unit is the key equipment in the large-scale ethylene complete set device. It has complex process flow, strong compatibility, and great difficulty in design, manufacturing and operation. It is a large-scale complete set device with high integration of machinery, electricity and instrument. At present, there are only four enterprises in the world that can produce, except for big rubber and plastic, the other three are Japanese steel, Kobe Steel and German copellon

in recent years, based on the continuous summary of the localization experience of large-scale extrusion granulation units, big rubber and plastic has carefully studied and analyzed the manufacturing level and use of similar international units, and optimized the unit configuration and key structure. At present, from the feedback of users and the follow-up investigation of products, the large granulation unit delivered by big rubber and plastic in the early stage operates smoothly, and all technical indicators meet the use requirements

recently, the company signed the equipment procurement contract for the first 300000 ton granulation unit with the material and equipment department of Sinopec. The localization technical scheme of the 350000 ton large-scale extrusion granulation unit was reviewed and approved, marking that the company has achieved leapfrog development in the development of large-scale granulation

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