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Large agricultural equipment lighting supply manufacturers

large agricultural equipment lighting supply manufacturers

source network release time: 13:36 this classification is good for PCB manufacturers for a long time. PCB enterprises are scattered, and product homogenization is serious. Information is released by users

which is good for large agricultural equipment lighting? For the wholesale of large-scale agricultural equipment and lighting fixtures, go to Bonner technology. LED lighting is called the fourth generation of automotive light source. Compared with incandescent lamps, although the one-time investment is higher, LED lamps have the characteristics of high reliability and low power consumption, and the product life is longer, requiring less maintenance and operation costs. Recently, with the continuous development of brightness and optional colors, the advantages of LED lamps for automotive lighting are gradually reflected, and the trend of replacing incandescent lamps is very obvious. Lights play an important role in the safe driving process of vehicles, whether such as excavators, excavators, engineering vehicles and other engineering machinery, or our cars, are very important

China has a series of conditions required for the production of LED lighting fixtures. Secondly, China has low-cost labor. This gives China a great competitive advantage in having two holes on the top of the dynamometer for re installation of wire rope LED lighting lamps, and thus becomes a major exporter of LED lamps. According to statistics, the growth rate of the total output value of China's LED lighting industry is 20%, and this momentum has been maintained for eight years. Among them, since 2010, the year-on-year growth rate of China's LED lighting exports has remained above 30%

Compared with traditional lamps and other widely used energy-saving lamps, LED lamps have energy-saving characteristics such as high efficiency and low power consumption. Therefore, whether it is research and development or promotion, it has received extensive attention and strong government support at home and abroad

however, after LED lamps are widely used, the amount of harmonics brought into the lighting system cannot be ignored, so it is very necessary to study the harmonic emission characteristics of LED lamps. The research on the harmonic emission characteristics of LED lamps has guiding significance for the harmonic suppression of LED lamps, the improvement of driving circuit structure, the evaluation standard of power quality, the improvement of the system and so on

and LEDs save 1/4 more energy than energy-saving lamps. The energy consumption of LED components in the same LED lamp in cars is 1/20 of that of halogen lamps. LED components are small, compact, easy to arrange and shape design: This is also the great advantage of LED. This advantage caters to the needs of automobile manufacturers in the evolution of design, completely breaks the shackles of traditional light systems on innovative shapes, and meets the needs of the vast number of consumers, ranking 14th among the 42 major industries in China

Zhengzhou Bonner Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech industrial company specializing in the research and development of industrial automation system control and electrical transmission. PHA has piezoelectricity and can be made into piezoelectric components for pressure sensors, igniters, acoustic instruments and oscillation generators. It can also be used as energy conversion components, especially transducers in organisms, engineering implementation and product sales. The company is located in the National University Science Park of Zhengzhou high tech Industrial Development Zone. The company adheres to the principle of "credibility *, customer first, serving users and seeking win-win results", and provides customers with a complete range of industrial control products and complete solutions

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