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Large size capacitor technology will usher in a new breakthrough

after the vigorous development of the education market in the past two years, the educational interactive electronic whiteboard has become stable in terms of products, technology, channels, brand structure, etc., and the market is becoming mature

compared with 30million classrooms around the world, 67million meeting rooms bring greater market opportunities to the development of interactive electronic whiteboards. At present, the top three interactive tablets in the market in 16 years are Xiwo, Honghe and Changhong, with market shares of 32%, 22% and 11% respectively, and the top three share is more than 60%. While the education market is at its peak, these three enterprises also plan the conference market in advance, and have explored and tried both products and channels. At the same time, traditional home appliance manufacturers such as Hisense, sharp and Skyworth have also entered the conference market with strong capital and channel advantages

educational interactive electronic whiteboards tend to be larger and larger, raising two children alone. However, due to the cost and usage habits of consumer groups, the conference market prefers 55 inch/65 inch products. Because the price of small-size products is relatively low, compared with expensive large-size products, the user group is naturally larger. In addition, at present, enterprise users are still accustomed to using non interactive and wired devices, and users need to regain the habit of using interactive electronic whiteboards. It is also the current main strategy of most enterprises to give priority to entering the market in small size, cultivate customer groups, and realize product upgrading in the future

of course, with the development of the market and the increase of demand, 70 inch and 75 inch gradually increase the market share, and there is a faint trend to surpass the small size, while the large size of more than 80 inch has also introduced a new size model of 86 inch, and the market demand is gradually increasing. 16 inch market share 38. 5%, with a year-on-year decrease of 9. 2%, compared with the inch, the market share achieved 3% year-on-year. 6% growth, while more than 80 inches to achieve 4. With an increase of 8%, the market scale is considerable

large size capacitor technology will usher in a new breakthrough

from the perspective of product types, there are many kinds of electronic whiteboards in the Chinese market at present, but from the perspective of product technology, they are mainly divided into projection electronic whiteboards and flat electronic whiteboards. Flat electronic whiteboards, also known as "interactive touch all-in-one machine", use flat panel display technology to replace projector products

at present, the flat panel interactive electronic whiteboard technology is still dominated by infrared, but the data shows that the optical share decreased in 2016, but the capacitor technology share increased

the main reason for the delay in the rapid application of capacitor technology is the cost. Because of its low yield, high manufacturing difficulty and high manufacturing cost, capacitors cannot achieve rapid expansion. However, two thirds of the products exported from Lidan belong to the conference market with high profit, high quality requirements and high use experience requirements for medium and low-end products. In the case of using small size to ensure the cost, high profits give manufacturers more opportunities to try and use new technologies and applications. Therefore, the technology of capacitance has a certain development and application space

laser boosts the development of large-size capacitor technology

it is difficult to realize the processing of large-size, especially super large-size by traditional technology. On the one hand, due to the influence of yield, it is difficult to achieve wide thin lines and narrow frames. On the other hand, the production line investment is too high, such as the cost of mold opening and exposure machine is high, and the process flow is complex. The obvious advantages of laser technology in large-scale processing, such as environmental protection, low investment and production costs, simple manufacturing process, good material suitability, and structural design of thin rocker arm drop hammer impact testing machine, are being selected by more and more large-scale interactive electronic whiteboard manufacturers

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