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Large size dimming glass has become a market trend

dimming glass, which was born in 1986 and can instantly switch between transparency and atomization, has become more and more popular in international interior design. However, like large-size LCD TV, high brightness LED lighting ① For general metal and non-metal samples, the jaw of the fixture directly contacts the lamp with the sample. Like these high-tech products, the market requirements for products are constantly improving; Under this trend, the international mainstream manufacturers who master the core technology are also constantly upgrading their products to meet the needs of the market

the electronic universal testing machine for large-size dimming glass has non-human failure glass, which is the result of market demand catalysis.

when designing glass partitions, interior designers often use large-size glass in order to pursue visual beauty and avoid using multiple pieces of glass for splicing

franchised stores can help them enhance brand value by displaying their latest styles through large, transparent and bright glass windows, while using dimming glass as windows, its elements that are good at changing light will help to enhance the attractiveness of the new style. Generally, in order to achieve the best display effect, the requirements for the glass width of such windows account for almost half of the store width, reaching more than 3500mm

due to the influence of the building itself, it is rare to reach 40 square meters. Using glass as the floor partition of the bathroom can make the room look more spacious; Dimming glass can help these rooms to instantly switch to frosting while maintaining transparency, so as to protect privacy. Generally, the width of such glass partition shall not be less than 1600mm

at present, the mainstream manufacturers of dimming glass are limited by their technology. For the demand for such large-size dimming glass, it is recommended to splice multiple pieces of dimming glass, and use glass glue seal and metal decorative strip in the middle to solve the width problem. However, this scheme also affects the overall beauty and permeability of the partition. 8 the appearance of electroplated parts should be free of spots. It's no exaggeration to say that it looks like a cage

metal decorative strips affect the overall beauty

obviously, interior designers are deeply disappointed with this scheme. "I won't use dimming glass. Although it is unique, it is too narrow to meet the atmospheric style of the room in my plan" - stefanodorata (international famous interior designer, Andrew Martin prize winner) said

the upgrading process of dimming glass size

these market demands are increasing production, which means that we can reduce the market cost and urge the mainstream manufacturers who master the core technology in the world to continuously upgrade their products to meet the market demand. Take the market of Chinese Mainland as an example:

from 1990 to the fourth quarter of 2004, engineers were able to buy the largest dimming glass in the market, It is a Japanese NSG (nitrate) product with an expensive import price (equivalent to 10000 yuan per square meter) and a width of only 980mm

by the second quarter of 2006, the product width launched by DMD (DM display) in South Korea and abtech (Tonghui) in China at the same time can reach 1200mm, and its price is only half of the previous price

in the fourth quarter of 2008, polyron (baochuang Technology), a Taiwan Branch of American polyvison, began to sell its latest generation of products in China, with a maximum width of 1600mm. The import price of its dimming glass originating in Taiwan is less than 700 US dollars. Other mainstream international manufacturers have followed suit

in the fourth quarter of 2010, the author saw in glasstec2010, the world's largest glass industry exhibition, that China's abtech (Tonghui) has exhibited the latest products equivalent to the fourth generation, with a maximum width of 1850mm (the standard is 1800mm); According to abtech exhibition staff, the width product will be mass produced in the leading quarter of 2011. At that time, the selling price will not be higher than that of the third generation of similar products

in 2010, the market price of dimmer glass products with a width of less than 1000mm, which are still the leading generation in the market, has fallen to the lowest point in history - less than 3500 yuan/square meter; The price of the second generation whose width is less than 1300 also fell by 20%

by Gordon, one of the founders of Intel? Gordon Moore put forward "Moore's law" - that is, "the number of transistors on the CPU will double every 18 months, and the performance will also double. When the price remains the same; in other words, the CPU performance that can be bought for every dollar will more than double every 18 months." This law, which was proposed in 1995, reveals the speed of electronic technology progress. Obviously, it has been continuously proved in products such as LCD TVs and LED lamps

will dimming glass products be expected to become the next practitioner of "Moore's law"? When will the larger and larger dimming glass encounter a bottleneck? How long will it take for dimming glass products to enter the ranks of ordinary household materials? The author believes that it will not be too far away

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