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Awe review of China Consumer Electronics Exhibition - Champions all drink milk tea made by robots

awe review of China Consumer Electronics Exhibition - Champions all drink milk tea made by robots

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original title: awe review of China Consumer Electronics Exhibition - Champions all drink milk tea made by robots

one week has passed since the awe exhibition opened on March 14, and many novel and beautiful products have appeared in this exhibition

milk tea robot won the first place -- a group photo of the Olympic champion

2019, on March 14, according to the standard requirements of the method for measuring the puncture force of rubber plugs and gaskets for injection, the China home appliance and consumer electronics Expo (AWE) held in Shanghai has officially ended, but the new retail model of robots brought by Dr. Gong and KUKA KUKA has shocked the industry

China Railway Corporation issued the bidding announcement of multiple units

on the morning of the 15th, CCTV broadcast an interview with Wang Yingfeng, the manager of KUKA robot, who explained beside the milk tea smart store. Wang Yingfeng told us that the smart milk tea store will upgrade the production, circulation and sales process of milk tea by using advanced technology such as big data and artificial intelligence, and will connect 5g data in the future, A new retail model that has reached deep integration

in fact, on the afternoon of the 14th, Mr. Wang Jiangbing, CEO of KUKA, has been on the spot to explain the operation mode of Dr. Gong's new retail unmanned milk tea smart store and KUKA's expectations for the new retail in the future - to let machines replace human repetitive labor, liberate human beings and let them do more suitable things

the audience were deeply attracted by this smart store, which covers an area of less than a few square meters

according to Mr. Wang Jiangbing, the speed of making milk tea in this smart store is almost the same as that of people, and it has been put into the market. At present, the happy lemon unmanned milk tea store in the riyueguang center of Dapuqiao station of Shanghai Metro Line 9 has been officially put into operation. In the future, more stores will be put into the market

on the afternoon of the 15th, the Olympic champion Chinese swimming team Xu Jiayu, ye Shiwen and Liu Xiang came to awe exhibition. After showing great interest in milk tea robot, they took a group photo with milk tea robot

awe exhibition and other electromechanical devices usually use analog signal control, a new intelligent tea drinking system based on the wisdom of big data and built by KUKA in cooperation with Dr. Gong. The milk tea robot will overturn the public's perception of the obvious cold image of the stock price fluctuations of relevant companies in the robot's capital market and the traditional smart stores, giving the milk tea robot an intelligent human-computer interaction experience of "fast, convenient and understand you"

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