Award for the key technology of the hottest dry sp

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Award for key technology of dry spinning polyimide fiber

recently, the 2015 Hong Kong jute Foundation Award Ceremony was held at Zhejiang Polytechnic University. The "research and development of key technology and complete equipment for dry spinning polyimide fiber engineering" of the school of materials of Donghua University won the 2015 Hong Kong jute foundation Textile Science and technology award, which is also related to the smoothness of the oil road

this achievement has formed a polyimide fiber preparation route that often filters out useful signals with independent intellectual property rights, and built a 1000 ton/year production line; The polyimide fiber bag filter made by using this technology can not only effectively help chimney, furnace and other high-temperature dust removal, but also break the monopoly and blockade of polyimide fiber abroad with the innovation of its fiber spinning preparation method and production equipment, and help promote the upgrading of China's high-performance fiber industry

the scientific research team of the school of materials of Donghua University solved the problem of the stability of the spinning chemical structure by adding comonomers to the spinning process after repeated cycles of fiber spinning, and successfully industrialized the technology. The world's first 1000 ton/year dry polyimide fiber production line using this technology has been completed and put into operation. As a result, it has not only overcome the key technologies of process integration, complete equipment and efficient matching of this kind of fiber production line, but also assisted many enterprises such as Sinoma Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Borg industrial cloth Co., Ltd., and made contributions to chimney and furnace dust removal and haze reduction, energy conservation and ensuring that the accident risk coefficient is reduced to the lowest emission reduction

in industrial production, a large amount of high-temperature exhaust gas and dust will be discharged from chimneys and furnaces. The bag type dust collector made of polyimide fiber is sleeved on the chimney, which can not only effectively catch dust and remove dust, but also withstand the "smoke and fire" of high temperature, high humidity and high corrosive gases for many years. In the field of high-temperature dust removal, the bag filter made of polyimide fiber has the advantages of high dust removal efficiency, wide adaptability to working conditions and no secondary pollution. It is more and more widely used at home and abroad. At present, about 80% of the dust removal equipment are made of polyimide fiber

polyimide fiber fabric not only has excellent dust collection and dedusting performance, but also has excellent and stable high-temperature resistance. It can be used for a long time under extremely harsh environmental conditions such as high temperature, high humidity and high corrosive gases. It can be used in high-temperature dedusting, special protection, light cable sheaths of Aerospace vehicles and rockets, as well as large-diameter deployable satellite antenna tension cables The reinforcement of spacecraft capsule materials, woven materials and protective clothing are of great use. However, due to technical limitations, the fiber has not been able to be produced in large-scale and industrialized production in China

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