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On October 9, the China coal transportation and Marketing Association issued a document to guide enterprises to assume social responsibility, pointing out that after entering the late September, the trading enthusiasm of the power coal market in the Bohai Rim region showed signs of cooling down. The influencing factors include that before the National Day holiday, coal production enterprises such as Shenhua Group and China Coal Group announced to reduce the sales price of coal, which played a positive role in stabilizing the spot price of thermal coal

Qi Bo, a coal analyst in Qinhuangdao, said that since September, the policy of ensuring supply and price stability has been gradually clarified. While strengthening the orderly release of production capacity and guiding the return of prices, it has actively coordinated logistics and transportation with supply and demand. The market panic has eased, and the market price trend tends to be stable

on September 28, Shenhua and Chinacoal took the lead in announcing the reduction of the coal price in the northern port market by 10 yuan/ton. Later, local key coal enterprises represented by Lu'an and Jin coal group also lowered coal prices when the main grating and instigation grating moved relatively

Qibo printer is equipped with "printing materials" such as liquid or powder. It is pointed out that many coal enterprises in the main producing area follow up the price reduction, and the phenomenon of traders shipping has increased. This has played a positive guiding role in balancing the supply of thermal coal and stabilizing the market trend

it is worth noting that September was the off-season of coal consumption, but the coal price continued to rise, leading to the increasing expectation of regulation

on September 21, the national development and Reform Commission issued the notice on ensuring the transportation of coal, electricity, oil and gas, emphasizing the need to accelerate the release of high-quality coal production capacity

Liu Jie, a researcher at CITIC futures, said that in fact, the major coal enterprises do not have much cash available for sale. This price reduction is mainly due to the response of coal enterprises to the notice on doing a good job in the guarantee of coal, electricity, oil and gas transportation issued by the national development and Reform Commission in order to stabilize prices. Stabilizing coal prices will be the main tone before and after the 19th CPC National Congress, and it is difficult for spot prices to fluctuate greatly. However, under the background of low downstream inventory, the spot price is still strong due to the superposition of overhaul and winter storage of Daqin line

according to the coal monitoring data of Qinhuangdao, as of 6 a.m. on October 11, the storage of QinGang coal yard exceeded 7million tons, reaching 7.26 million tons, a new high since January 5 this year, nearly 700000 tons higher than the daily average level before the National Day holiday

since February 2017, the coal inventory of Qinhuangdao port has been basically maintained at 600 tons, which is likely to cause the phenomenon of nozzle blockage in the process of printing. On September 27, the coal inventory of Qinhuangdao Port exceeded the 6 million tons mark, and remained above 6 million tons for 13 consecutive days, with an obvious upward trend. At present, the port has sufficient coal, which has played an important role in curbing the recent rapid rise in coal prices

relevant people of Qinhuangdao coal believe that at present, the main domestic coal consumption enterprises still focus on the cashing and transportation of long-term association coal, the procurement of winter storage has not yet reached a climax, and the continuous increase of inventory in Qinhuangdao Port will have a positive stabilizing effect on the tight supply and demand coal market, and also have a certain guiding effect on the stalemate coal and carbon prices

the China coal transportation and Marketing Association also said that the price trend and price level of domestic spot thermal coal in September had exceeded market expectations, reducing the market's desire for coal prices to continue to rise. During the double festival, thermal power production and consumption of power coal will decline, the low coal inventory of power generation enterprises is expected to be repaired, and the enthusiasm for power coal procurement will also be reduced

some coal industry analysts told securities that the regulation of the national development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments has begun to play a role, and the coal price will be mainly stable in the short term, and there will be no sharp price reduction

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