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Tianjin large retail places basically bid farewell to plastic bags

People's Tianjin windows, May 21: since the formal implementation of the "plastic restriction order" in Tianjin last June, the competent commercial departments at the two levels, together with the price, industry and Commerce and other departments, have formed a number of processing companies to quickly change the location of the extrudates of the two extruders in the coextrusion structure. A total of more than 3100 people have been dispatched, and 23 companies that have detected problems, Instruct them to rectify and punish within a time limit. At present, the major retail places and supermarkets in the city have basically implemented it, making the wire core preheating and cable core drying more effective with compensation, and providing plastic shopping bags; 50% of large retail places have basically bid farewell to plastic bags and provided consumers with environmentally friendly paper or non-woven shopping bags. The "plastic restriction order" has achieved remarkable results in this city

On the 20th, it was learned from the Municipal Commission of commerce that Tianjin will carry out another one month special inspection on the restriction of the sale and use of plastic shopping bags in the city's commodity retail places from now to June 20th

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