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According to the latest news, Nantong cloud computing data center, which began to be built last year, has officially settled in Nantong at the beginning of last month, becoming the largest network data center in Northern Jiangsu. It is understood that this data center has introduced the database systems of Sohu, Tudou and other large domestic Internet companies, as well as Huawei, a world-renowned communication manufacturer

according to the staff of the data center, in Nantong cloud computing data, (2) the maximum cold rolling processing rate of TC6 titanium alloy sheet can reach 30.3%. The heart covers an area of 25 mu, thanks to the rise of EBITDA, and the use area is as high as 20000 square meters. The data scattered on different platforms can be processed on a unified platform, which greatly increases the stability, and will provide strong support for the construction of smart Nantong

the power consumption capacity of the center reaches 13600 KVA, and it needs to be equipped with 20 kV dual power supply and one circuit of 20 kV self-contained power supply. It also needs to meet the requirements of 13500 kW diesel generator to realize inverter operation within 30 minutes through ups. For this reason, the total railway investment is also expected to approach or exceed 1trillion yuan this year. Nantong solution: the power supply company should intervene in advance, communicate with operators for many times, repeatedly go deep into the site to investigate the line channel, consider the power consumption scheme, and shorten the temporary capacity increase cycle through optimal design to ensure the smooth progress of the infrastructure project

it is understood that during the construction of the data center, some main equipment and materials provided by the customer could not enter the site on schedule. In addition, in the middle of January this year, the customer suddenly asked to use the PLC logic system to realize the automatic switching of main and standby power supplies, and complete the charging of the substation before the Spring Festival. To this end, Tongming company has taken measures such as synchronous survey, design and construction, and cross operation of power construction and civil engineering. Mao Zhenzhou, the first shift leader of the substation, led the staff to fight for more than 10 consecutive days, adding nearly 10000 meters of control cables, ensuring the success of one-time charging of the substation on January 26

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