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Hollysys: awesome water treatment industry is moving forward

the integrated automation system of Datong Yellow River water supply project purification plant, the main supporting project of the north trunk line of the Yellow River water diversion project into Shanxi undertaken by Hollysys company a few days ago. The method is to select a rod with one end hard and one end soft. The project has been successfully completed and opened to water, and a ribbon cutting ceremony of Shengda Longzhong was held in the water plant on September 16, 2011

Shanxi provincial Party Secretary, governor, Datong Municipal Leaders and other department leaders attended the completion ceremony of the integrated automation system project of the purification plant of the Yellow River water supply project in Datong. Provincial and municipal leaders and water plant leaders spoke highly of the automatic control system of the project. The design scale of the project is 400000 tons/day. The plant site is located in Kouquan township of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. in the southern suburb of Datong City. Hollysys LK series PLC has been successfully applied to 400000 tons/day water purification plant for the first time in so many years of production. The successful completion of the project marks that Hollysys is once again in the leading position in the domestic water treatment industry, which greatly improves the brand and product advantages of Hollysys in the field of water treatment, and is of great breakthrough significance

the Yellow River Diversion Project into Shanxi Province is the largest water conservancy project ever constructed in Shanxi Province, and it is also a world-class cross basin drinking water project. The project is divided into two lines, the south trunk line and the north trunk line. The annual water diversion is 640 million cubic meters and 560 million cubic meters respectively. It mainly solves the industrial and residential water supply of Taiyuan, Shuozhou and Datong. Among them, the south trunk line has been completed in 2003, effectively alleviating the contradiction between supply and demand of water resources in Taiyuan. " The construction of the upper north trunk line of the 108th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2012 will play a supporting and ensuring role in alleviating the water shortage in northern Shanxi Province, promoting local economic growth, improving the ecological environment, achieving sustainable development, and improving the quality and level of people's life. The residents living in northern Shanxi Province have access to the clean water, life water, vitality water and development water from the Yellow River. Let every drop of water be sweet

the water purification plant is equipped with grid water distribution workshop, mixed flocculation sedimentation tank, V-shaped filter tank, blower and backwash water pump room, clean water tank, water supply pump room and power transformation and distribution duty room, chlorination room, dosing room, powder activity sharing experimental data carbon and potassium permanganate dosing room, sedimentation tank sludge water regulation tank, sediment concentration workshop, sediment dehydration room and power transformation and distribution room, filter recovery tank and other main buildings. According to the nature of urban centralized water supply and service of urban domestic and production water, the water quality target implements the current national standard GB sanitary standard for drinking water, which meets the turbidity requirements that the water quality of the user terminal reaches or is better than 1ntu, and the turbidity of the factory water implements 0.5ntu. The domestic sewage in the plant area is collected and treated by a centralized treatment device. It is discharged into xiunv River after reaching the class I standard of the comprehensive sewage discharge standard

water treatment industry is one of the key industries of Hollysys. Since 2000, Hollysys has been involved in this industry and has successfully implemented hundreds of municipal water treatment projects. For the water treatment industry, Hollysys can provide reliable automation products, professional solutions, efficient project management and quick response after-sales service. It can not only provide one-stop engineering project services, but also provide products and solutions services. For many years, Hollysys has been committed to working with its partners in the water treatment industry to improve people's work, life and environment with automation, make effective use of water resources, and make it better serve mankind, which also confirms the purpose of Hollysys

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