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Large diameter valves will become a new growth point, and the sewage treatment industry will play a leading role

with the increasing urbanization rate and the rapid growth of urban population in China, the water supply volume of waterworks and the sewage treatment scale of sewage treatment plants are gradually increasing, and the pipe diameter is constantly increasing, so a large number of large-diameter and ultra large-diameter water supply and drainage valves are needed. At the same time, it is the first pilot production line of copper electrode solar cell technology in China. P>

large diameter valves will become a new growth point

with the increasing urbanization rate and the rapid growth of urban population in China, the water supply volume of waterworks and the sewage treatment scale of sewage treatment plants are gradually increasing, and the pipe diameter is increasing. Therefore, a large number of large-diameter and super large-diameter water supply and drainage valves are needed. At the same time, the construction of various flood control, drainage, irrigation, water supply and drainage, hydropower, water and soil conservation, water resources protection and other projects included in the management of water conservancy infrastructure has a strong demand for all kinds of large-diameter and super large-diameter water supply and drainage valves, resulting in the current domestic production capacity of large-diameter and super large-diameter water supply and drainage valves can not meet the growth of downstream market demand. In the next few years, China will continue to accelerate the implementation of the three new Huaihe River treatment projects and the comprehensive treatment of Taihu Lake, Dongting Lake and Poyang Lake, promote the treatment of major river sections such as the Ningmeng section of the Yellow River and the river regime control of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, and add the implementation of the "South-to-North Water Transfer" century project, which will continue to drive the demand scale of various valve products, especially large-diameter gate valves, large-diameter turbine inlet butterfly valves Large diameter water turbine inlet ball valve, large diameter flow regulating valve and large diameter vacuum valve. Due to the technical and technological requirements for the production of large-diameter and super large-diameter valves, if we do not pay attention to quality and long-term benefits, we cannot achieve much higher than ordinary valves at the expense of product quality. The added value of a single product is high, which puts forward higher requirements for product design and processing level

at present, there are few domestic enterprises whose technical equipment can meet the requirements, while most other enterprises in the industry mainly produce ordinary diameter valves. From the perspective of the whole industry, the production capacity and output of large diameter water supply and drainage valves will show a stable growth trend

play a leading role in the sewage treatment industry

environmental protection hydraulic equipment includes gates, weir gates, grid trash removers, mud scrapers, sludge post-treatment equipment and solid waste treatment equipment, which are mainly used in the field of sewage treatment. As environmental protection hydraulic equipment is a non-standard product, it needs to be designed and processed according to the needs of users, and does not have the characteristics of standardization, serialization and generalization, which requires environmental protection hydraulic equipment suppliers to have the ability to deeply understand customer needs, quickly carry out product and process design, efficient supply chain management, fine quality management, strict cost control, comprehensive quality and so on. The formation of these capabilities needs to be gradually accumulated and improved in the long-term business process, which is an important core competitiveness of environmental protection hydraulic equipment providers

in recent 20 years, the technical level of domestic environmental protection hydraulic equipment has been greatly improved. Through the accumulation of engineering practice and the continuous improvement of production enterprises, some environmental protection hydraulic equipment manufacturing enterprises have formed large-scale production, the product level has been continuously improved, the product quality has been significantly improved, and the market field has been continuously expanded. Through scientific research and the combination of production, study and research, the overall level of environmental protection hydraulic equipment, including the level of design, processing, manufacturing and testing, has been greatly improved. The development of the main extruder industry still has a large market space, and the technical level of products can basically meet the needs of the domestic sewage treatment industry. At the same time, some environmental protection hydraulic equipment manufacturing enterprises further improve the corrosion resistance of products by selecting new materials, increase the reliability of equipment operation and improve the automation level of equipment

however, China's hardware and valve industry is still dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises. At present, the competition in the industry is mainly the competition of low-end products. Informal means of competition are disrupting the development of the market and causing great damage to the valve manufacturing industry with high precision. With the acceleration of the reorganization of the valve industry, the future industry will be the competition between the quality and safety of valve products and product brands. The products will develop in the direction of high technology, high parameters, strong corrosion resistance and high service life, and constantly improve the level and grade of valve products. Under the huge demand environment, China's valve manufacturing industry will show a better development prospect

hardware drainage valve is an essential aquatic industry product, which is mainly used in urban, construction, enterprise water supply and drainage engineering, industrial and domestic sewage treatment, water conservancy engineering and other fields. Among them, various medium and low pressure valves are mainly used, including various butterfly valves and gate valves, and others include ball valves, check valves, exhaust valves, plug valves, diaphragm valves, pressure reducing valves, flow regulating valves, sludge discharge valves, etc

at present, more consideration is given to the water after secondary treatment in urban sewage treatment plants, which has two forms of utilization: direct reuse and indirect utilization. Direct reuse is mostly used for farmland irrigation and grassland near the water plant. The way and method of reuse are relatively simple due to geographical restrictions, and it is inconvenient to allocate and operate. Although this kind of water has been artificially strengthened and disinfected, it has not been naturally purified for a certain time, which will cause certain problems when it is not used and controlled properly

indirect utilization is based on the overall consideration of the water area. It takes water from the upstream of the water body for purification for urban use. The generated sewage is purified by the urban sewage treatment plant and discharged into the downstream of the water body, and then returns to the water body. After natural purification of a certain river section, it can be used for downstream cities or regions. Indirect utilization is the organic combination of social cycle and natural cycle of water in nature. Within the limit of self purification capacity of water body, the utilization of water body will basically not cause harm. This way needs to be managed from a macro perspective. It is an important way of sustainable utilization of water resources

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