The hottest large petrochemical plants in Asia wil

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Large petrochemical plants in Asia will be put into operation in succession.

a petrochemical plant built by Exxon Mobil in Singapore will soon start production of PP (polypropylene) and PE (polyethylene), which will reach full capacity from the second quarter

it is reported that Exxon Mobil invested US $1.2 billion in the petrochemical complex (with an ethylene capacity of 800000 tons/year), and began the test run in December last year under the conditions

it is also reported that a new ethylene center in Malaysia is currently under construction. The investors are Dow Chemical and Petronas, and it is expected that the center will be completed in August this year

insiders pointed out that the construction of these devices began before the Asian financial crisis, and the completion of these devices will undoubtedly make the competition in the Asian petrochemical market more intense

it is expected to be close to 30million vehicles in 2017

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