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Construction of the largest coated paper production line in Europe

according to the short cut of "labels and narrow rotation", the newly added coated paper production line of the paper multinational Mondi company is installed in Germany, and it is claimed to be the largest production line of the same type in Europe. Its production speed is 800 meters (2600 feet)/minute and its width is 2.3 meters (7.5 feet)

according to patrickrenaz, the manager of the plant, they used the latest technology, which can make the silicone coating very flat, and can also modify polypropylene through various modifications. According to the needs, the coating should not only be fundamentally transformed from the plastic granulator process, but also be very thin. The production line also adopts the drying technology with low energy consumption, which has been registered in Zibo at present. Although mondy company has not proposed the "7+7" development plan and is the largest paper manufacturer in the world at present, its sales volume has been close to 9billion US dollars and has become a heavyweight enterprise in the industry. The group announced that it wanted to become the best manufacturer in their markets around the world, so it strengthened its position in the release paper field. According to the analysis of insiders, this should be regarded as an important move for Mondi to achieve this intention

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