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How to maintain the mechanical connecting equipment in summer and this season?

in summer, it is best to do a comprehensive maintenance for the construction machinery, replace the three filters and oil of the engine, replace or adjust the tape, check whether the performance of the fan, water pump, generator and compressor is reliable, and maintain, repair or replace it if necessary. For machines working in high-temperature areas, appropriately improve the viscosity grade of engine oil, and check whether the cooling system and fuel system are smooth; Replace aging wires, plugs and rubber hoses, check and tighten fuel pipelines to prevent fuel leakage; Clean up the oil and dust on the engine body to ensure that the engine is light loaded and has good heat dissipation. In summer, carry out special inspection and maintenance of machinery and equipment

except for circuits and air conditioning systems, the maintenance of equipment can be checked and maintained by themselves. Of course, special equipment and equipment within the warranty period should be carried out by equipment manufacturers or professionals to avoid unnecessary losses and disputes. In summer, it is not necessary to check and maintain the equipment all at once. The contents and procedures of overhaul and maintenance can be reasonably determined according to the usual use and maintenance of the equipment. However, attention must be paid to the equipment maintenance after summer, and there must be no fluke

during construction in summer, several aspects of maintenance should be emphasized

1) engine oil and lubricating oil everywhere should be replaced with summer oil with appropriate oil volume; Regularly check whether there is oil leakage, especially fuel, which should be replenished in time

2) the battery fluid needs to be replenished in time, the charging current should be appropriately reduced, the circuit connectors should be firm, the aging lines should be replaced, and the fuse capacity should meet the requirements of safe use. The equipment shall be equipped with fire extinguishers

3) the equipment shall be parked in a cool place as far as possible to avoid sun exposure. Reduce the tire pressure properly to avoid tire blowout

4) pay attention to the damage of rain and dust to the equipment, and it is best to replace all kinds of filter elements regularly. The radiator of the hydraulic system should be cleaned regularly to maintain a good heat dissipation effect. Avoid long-term overload operation and control the work and rest time. It is forbidden to use water for tensile test (stress-strain test) when the brake is overheated. Generally, both ends of the material sample are clamped on two clamps with a certain distance between them to cool down

5) check the selection of equipment steel experimental equipment: whether the structure, transmission box and axle components are flexible and whether there are small cracks, so as to prevent the damage from increasing due to high temperature in summer. Rust should be removed, repaired and painted in time if rust is found, so as to avoid more rain in summer, which will lead to increased corrosion

the summer maintenance of the equipment should follow the principle of timely, reasonable and comprehensive, so as to facilitate the operation of the equipment and adapt to the outside world. Songyuan announced that it would start from December 1, 2017 or according to the temperature and working conditions agreed in the contract. It is necessary to track and manage the equipment, master the performance dynamics of the equipment, and formulate a targeted and universal maintenance plan. In addition to some requirements and maintenance precautions mentioned above, different preventive measures should be taken for different mechanical equipment

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