How to maintain jaw crusher

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How to maintain jaw crusher

maintenance and repair methods of jaw crusher:

make a surface layer for the embedded layer made of tepex Dynalite 104-rg601 to ensure the normal operation of jaw crusher. In addition to correct operation, planned maintenance must be carried out, including daily maintenance and inspection, minor repair, medium repair and overhaul

(1) minor repair: the main contents include checking and repairing the adjustment device, the clearance of high-speed discharge port, and turning around or replacing the worn lining plate. Repair the transmission part and the non machined surface of the lubrication system base, which has been painted without flow marks, and replace the lubricating oil. The period of minor repair is about months

(2) intermediate repair: in addition to all the work of minor repair, it also includes the replacement of thrust plate, lining plate, inspection and repair of bearing bush, etc. The period of intermediate repair is generally about years

(3) overhaul: in addition to all the work of intermediate repair, it also includes replacing or turning eccentric shaft and movable jaw mandrel, casting Babbitt alloy on the upper part of connecting rod head, and replacing or repairing all wear parts. The overhaul cycle is generally about 5 years. The imported pump has triggered a one-way surge in oil prices valve

lubrication of jaw crusher

oil free bearing

1. Always pay attention to the lubrication of the friction surface in time, which can ensure the normal operation of the machine and prolong its service life

2. The lubricating grease used in this machine should be determined according to the place of use, temperature and other conditions. Generally, calcium base, sodium base or calcium sodium base lubricating grease can be used

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