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NACO heavy industry: how to maintain the ability that is easy to degenerate in the workplace

NACO heavy industry: how to maintain the ability that is easy to degenerate in the workplace

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Guide: the force value of the tensile testing machine is different. When employees just enter the workplace or just jump to a new company, they are full of vitality and confidence, but with the passage of years, the knife of time will slowly wear away their spirit. People's learning ability, as well as the logical ability and analytical ability related to learning, have a great trend of degradation; No passion

employees are full of vitality and confidence when they just enter the workplace or change jobs to a new company, but with the passage of time, the knife of time will slowly wear away their spirit. People's learning ability, as well as the logical ability and analytical ability related to learning, have a great trend of degradation; Life without passion is doomed to mediocrity. NACO heavy industries has responded to all kinds of inevitable negative workplace situations

work passion weakens

many people are full of expectation and passion for work when they just graduate or arrive at the company, but with the passage of time and the gradual accumulation of workplace experience, the workflow and mode are slowly formed, and the passion for work will gradually "degenerate". Such a state can easily evolve into job burnout and lack of sense of achievement, and then creativity and initiative will be reduced, which will seriously affect job performance. In this case, the manager of NACCO heavy industry believes that this rule of workplace is only applicable to single 1 faults, such as sailing against the current, and if you don't advance, you will fall back. The passion of electromechanical power conversion is weakened, which will directly lead to job burnout. In the torrent of the workplace, self slackness will be eliminated sooner or later. Therefore, NACO heavy industry requires each employee to seriously consider their personal career positioning, whether they can make a new breakthrough in their career, and if they can't make a breakthrough, observe whether there is a more suitable space for my development around. Find a suitable one to keep good work passion

learning ability degradation

when many people start working, their work is completely under their control. However, with the gradual increase of work content, I found that I needed to read more and more times, but I often felt that I was not energetic enough. I had to read some content many times to master it, and I couldn't react as quickly as before. From the perspective of physiological changes, with the growth of age, memory declines, and learning ability will decline to a certain extent. In addition, some workers are content with the status quo, have weak learning awareness, and neglect continuous learning due to busy work, which will lead to the degradation of learning ability. In view of this situation, NACO heavy industry requires each employee to combine practical experience to promote and increase theoretical knowledge, take their own career positioning as the center, and refer to the needs of personal career planning, regularly participate in some relevant learning and training, maintain reading habits, and keep themselves in a learning state. NACO heavy industries will also develop a series of training for different positions, so that employees can constantly learn new things and can continue to apply them to practice

the sense of crisis subsides

after staying in a working environment for a long time, being familiar with the workflow and the people and things around, the sense of crisis will slowly slacken and get used to the status quo. However, many people have worked in a company for many years, thinking that it will be their turn to get a promotion. Unfortunately, the result is often not achieved. When their ability has not been improved, and the new employees below are younger than themselves, and their ability is also very outstanding, and they get less salary than themselves. At this moment, many talents realize the arrival of their own crisis. NACO heavy industry requires that every 5. Concrete pressure testing machine when the test piece has not touched the upper pressing plate, employees should not be a workplace veteran when they realize that they are in a certain bottleneck in their career. We must constantly set new work goals for ourselves at work, constantly optimize the workflow, improve work efficiency, and make progress every day. In this way, you can not only keep yourself in good working condition, but also improve your core competitiveness, avoid repeating the same experience for eight or ten years, and eventually end up being replaced by subordinates

decline in physical fitness

high intensity work tasks still need a certain amount of physical strength and energy to carry, which makes it difficult for many office workers to take time to exercise, and they can only make up for sleep when they have time, so their physical function and physique are continuously declining. Diseases such as lumbar disc herniation and cervical spondylosis are becoming younger and younger, and more and more office white-collar workers are in a sub-health state. The management of NACO heavy industry believes that physical and mental conditions will directly affect the working state, which is easy to breed fatigue and irritability. Due to insufficient energy, it is easy to rush things when dealing with things, affecting efficiency and reducing quality. Therefore, NACO heavy industries regularly arranges various sports activities and holds various sports competitions. Life lies in exercise. No matter how busy your work is, you should also take time to arrange exercise or fitness, which is very important to restore physical function and maintain a positive and good attitude

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