How to maintain the auxiliary machine of the hotte

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How to maintain the auxiliary machine of plastic machine

1, no sundries can be stacked next to the machine to ensure the ventilation and heat dissipation of the machine, which can extend the service life of the machine by preparing s Rubber IC particle reinforced MoSi2 matrix composites

2, check whether the power supply is normal and whether the reducer has oil before use, and check whether the running direction is correct after trial start If the operation is reversed, ask an electrician for maintenance

3, after confirming that the machine is normal, adjust the timer, put in raw materials, close the cover and fasten the handle, and then mix for about 5-8 minutes

4, shake the machine to 100 degrees to remove raw materials and clean

5, after the work is completed, close the outlet plug board, turn off the power, and keep the material room clean

6, change different materials or colors, and clean the material room with cloth and alcohol

7. When cleaning the machine, it is strictly forbidden to open the protective cover of the machine and blow the blade with an air gun while starting the machine

8, according to the degree of use, the reducer should generally be 1~3 months. 9. Users can fill the chain with ZL-2 lithium grease according to the actual demand in any standard text report format or excel text report format, and fill the bearings with good dimensional stability with 20# engine oil once a week

9, check and lock the locking screws on the reducer base once a week

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